The Best Electronic Cigarettes

A lot of companies that produce electronic cigarettes claim they have the best electronic cigarette. With this number, it may be too confusing for us, consumers, to really select which is really the best electronic cigarette brand!

Electronic cigarettes look just like the traditional tobacco cigarettes we have been used to.  They taste similarly to the traditional cigarettes as well. However, electronic cigarettes are much preferred to the traditional mainly for:

  • Health reasons – electronic cigarettes don’t have harmful chemicals that can cause cancer like what the traditional tobacco cigarettes contain. It doesn’t contribute to tar formation, bad odor, and gum diseases suffered by frequent smokers.

  • Cost-effectivity – electronic cigarettes cost 60% less than the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Each E-liquid cartridge refill costs remarkably cheaper than a pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

  • Convenience – through using electronic cigarettes, we don’t have to worry having yellow teeth or having the smell of cigarette smoke since they won’t give off smoke; they only release water vapor.

  • Safety – traditional smoking requires a lighter, but electronic cigarette smoking doesn’t require it because it has a battery that is rechargeable. Electronic cigarettes are not flammable. Thus, there would not be a concern with fires that are caused by accidental misplacement of cigarette butts.

  • Control and Choice – the nicotine content of electronic cigarettes can be reduced or strengthened through regulating the E-liquid contained in the cartridge. Consumers can also choose what flavour they crave or desire from the various flavours of the E-liquid refill cartridges.

Now, the question is not whether or not electronic cigarettes should be chosen over the traditional tobacco cigarettes, rather, the question we have in mind is: Among the electronic cigarette brands, which is the best electronic cigarette brand?

These considerations should be observed in choosing the best electronic cigarette brand:

The Smoking Experience: The electronic cigarette should provide an experience or feel that you are truly smoking a cigarette!  The electronic cigarette vaporizes the nicotine instead of releasing cigarette smoke. If the electronic cigarette has low vaporizing volume, it lessens this genuine experience of smoking a cigarette. The best electronic cigarette has an elevated volume of its vapour to provide a richer feel of the cigarette’s nicotine content. Most importantly, the good smoking experience relies heavily with good E-liquid formula and quality. The best electronic cigarette has an E-liquid that is naturally extracted from tobacco.

Hygiene and Sanitation Concerns: Since electronic cigarettes can be used over again, they are prone to harbor unnecessary microorganisms that are harmful to our health. The best electronic cigarette brand should provide extra mouthpiece and atomic chamber which are parts of an electronic cigarette that are more likely to be infested with bacteria, fungi, or viruses.

Convenience: Various electronic cigarette brands come in different looks and styles. Some take time to assemble because they are made of five parts. The best electronic cigarette is that which takes lesser time to assemble and is uncomplicated. Thus, it is advisable that the electronic cigarette only has two parts.